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Site History

The webmaster of hidden-and-dangerous.net is 'Jason' on the forums and known around the community. He has been active in the online Hidden & Dangerous Community since 2002 but could be seen going to H&D Fanatic when it was up at Tactical Planet back before GameSpy took over - when GameSpy was still around. He became the news editor for the Hidden & Dangerous: US2 web site in 2002.

In mid 2003 Jason started work on a dedicated editing site for Hidden & Dangerous called Exposed and Disarmed, it switched designs more than enough times and it was under construction for most of 14 months it was active. Sadly the forums are mostly lost to time but some pages of the forum can be found looking through the web archive project.

Eventually the current Hidden & Dangerous net website started work, it became live on Saturday the 18th of September 2004. The mission of the new web site was to become the ultimate resource for anything to do with Hidden & Dangerous. Eleven days after the web site launch work started on the second version of the site with a totally new design. Due to a unreasonably large amount of issues people were having with colours on older monitors (it was red and black).

Thank you to...

A huge thanks goes to all the people who have helped us at Take 2 Interactive, thanks for the review copy of Hidden & Dangerous 2 and Sabre Squadron as well as the Prima's Official Strategy Guide for Hidden & Dangerous and all the other bits of information which have helped this site in a big way, thanks.

We would like to give a big thanks to Lars for always keeping us up to date with Hidden & Dangerous news, helping us with editing and many other little things like translations, models, addons etc. Lars has always been a big part of the H&D community.

Another big thanks goes to Grenni for uploading all of the large files on this web site, thank you so much and thanks for the excellent missions you make.

Thanks to Bighouse for writing the 3d studio max tutorials.

Thanks to Lonely Cat Games for the Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe and the editor, without them there wouldn't be much of a community.

Thanks to Illusion Softworks/2k Czech for the Hidden & Dangerous series.

and thank you to everyone else who has shown interest in the web site or has helped out!