Unofficial Hidden & Dangerous fan website

This is an unofficial Hidden & Dangerous fan website (the official is long since gone), here you will find H&D2 mods, H&D patches and many Hidden and Dangerous editing tools. The website has been around since 2003 including the time it was known as Exposed and Disarmed. The Hidden & Dangerous discussion forums are a great place to find technical help, gaming strategies and to meet other H&D fans.

If you are a H&D Deluxe fanatic then you should take a look at the insanity editor tutorials. There are also 3D Max Release 3 tutorials available.
Also remember that Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe is now free for download.

There are plenty of H&D2 mod downloads, a bunch of free H&D Deluxe addons and more throughout the website. For walkthroughs or gaming guides checkout the H&D forums for advice.

H&D Series released on

24 February 2017

The entire Hidden & Dangerous series has released on and no they didn't pay me to put those banners up! For years people have been asking where to buy our beloved series and now they finally can again.

You can get Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack, which is the original games H&D and the expansion Fight for Freedom (Devils Bridge in the USA).

And you can finally get Hidden & Dangerous 2 Courage Under Fire which includes H&D2 and the expansion Sabre Squadron.

We'll be giving away free copies of the game, stay tuned for details.

New site design and updated forums

23 February 2017

Here we are in early 2017 with a new website design partially implemented, the forums have been updated and are now usable on mobile phones and other devices. It is difficult to believe it has been almost 5 years since I last posted an update on the homepage but I have posted on the forums in the Current News section but nothing big has really happened in our world of H&D until lately.

Over the coming days and probably weeks I'll be digging through all the downloads I have and uploading them. Okay this process might actually take months! but I'll move as far as I can. In the mean time you can download files from our German friends at - thanks to HaDMaster for keeping them up, still trying to get him to fix his old site :)

When I have some free time I'd like to do a Lets Play of Hidden and Dangerous with TechGremlin - he's a new admin around here by the way, our website server master and general tech trouble shooter.

The old website is still available here:

Updated Links

15 October 2012

Okay so I finally went through the Community Site Links and removed all the old dead links. I've also added the great =CZ=Teamâ„¢ website to the list, it's an awesome resource for H&D2 SS modding and editing.

Just an update

14 October 2012

It's been a while since I last posted an update. There have been some very interesting things happening in the realm of H&D Deluxe editing. We should hopefully have some new plugins for later versions of 3d Max.

Few other things happening... look in the forums for updates!

News Round Up

17 February 2011

It's been 12 years since H&D1 and 8 years since H&D2 came out, 2k Czech, WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS H&D3? There has to be one WW2 game announced this year!

Okay, what's been happening? hdmaster cracked the .4ds files for H&D2 so they can be imported into 3d max. The boards are currently under attack by bots. The server is slow. But don't worry I will be switching hosts and changing the forum software (again). Those oldies would remember the forums used to be on phpBB2. Wow, that makes me feel old.

My shame is at an all time high, what shame? This website is an old turd. My current desktop background is a copy of the nasty code that runs it, a nerdly reminder to myself that I must do something about it. The new website will go up very quickly and will run on CodeIgniter for you PHP nerds. More on that later.

H&D2 mini game is a re-creation project I'm working on at the moment. It's a flash game, for the promotion of H&D2 Gathering released a small flash game online back in 2002? It was a bit of a hit. Lars and myself have been trying to get a copy of it but met with dead ends. So I'll be re-creating it. Want to help out, visit the forums!

Released files: Deluxe 2 and H&D Restored

17 September 2010

As explained here I have decided to release some things I was working on a long time ago. They aren't exactly the most amazing packages in terms of missions as only a handful were worked on.

You can read more on the forums.