New site design and updated forums

23 February 2017

Here we are in early 2017 with a new website design partially implemented, the forums have been updated and are now usable on mobile phones and other devices. It is difficult to believe it has been almost 5 years since I last posted an update on the homepage but I have posted on the forums in the Current News section but nothing big has really happened in our world of H&D until lately.

Over the coming days and probably weeks I'll be digging through all the downloads I have and uploading them. Okay this process might actually take months! but I'll move as far as I can. In the mean time you can download files from our German friends at - thanks to HaDMaster for keeping them up, still trying to get him to fix his old site :)

When I have some free time I'd like to do a Lets Play of Hidden and Dangerous with TechGremlin - he's a new admin around here by the way, our website server master and general tech trouble shooter.

The old website is still available here:

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