Houndsmith C4M1 Double Action questions

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Houndsmith C4M1 Double Action questions

Unread post by kaplan71 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:28 am

Hi there --

Is the fuel store separate from the ammunition store in this scenario, or are the two in same location? If the former is true, where is the fuel store located? If the latter is the case, will the two explosives that are planted in the bunker enough to destroy the fuel store? Thanks.

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Re: Houndsmith C4M1 Double Action questions

Unread post by unidentifiedSAS » Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:52 am

If you're still looking for the ans, will give you a complete walkthrough.
NOTE: I own no part of this walkthrough

Essential gear: 2x TNT.
Suggested gear: Delisle, Wirecutters, 3x TNT.

Primary Objectives:
1 "Assemble at the planned location."
2 "Destroy the ammunition store."
3 "Contact the Resistance fighters at the previously agreed location."

4 "Destroy the fuel store"
5 "Infiltrate the warehouse area undetected."
6 "Place explosive charges in the warehouse area undetected."
7 "All the members of the unit must survive."

The optional objectives in this mission can only be completed by using silenced weapons in the base, if you want them all it's best treated as a Lone Wolf level, always aim for one shot kills.

At the start to the right crouched next to a tree is a downed pilot (John Ashley) run over and talk to him, he'll join your squad. Move South to the road, there are two enemies on the bank and another behind in the trees, when they're dead move onto the road and look west for a truck, shoot the driver and passenger. Meet the others at the designated point, head back to the road.

Arm one man who has the highest stealth rating with a Delisle, 3x TNT and wirecutters, follow the stream east till it turns right, go prone and continue east to the guard post. Shoot the guard outside to the left of the hut, another can be shot through the window. Sneak up to the door and shoot the guard inside. If a truck is parked at the barrier shoot the driver.

Go east past the wire, turn right and kill the guard in the trees. Stay prone on the right side of the road, shoot the guard in the closest tower and continue heading east through the trees till you see a fallen tree on the other side of the road to your left.

There's a patrol of four guards on the perimeter fence, crawl to the road and shoot the last two, make sure to kill the last in the group first, then the man in front of him, if they see a man fall they'll shoot and raise the alarm. Crawl over to the end of the log; the last two guards in the patrol are to the left.

Shoot both, turn around and kill the guard in the tower close by, cut the wire fence and turn left (completes the 5th optional objective). Stay in sneak mode (slowest speed) from now on.

Crawl down to the left of the bunker, kill the guard in the doorway to the right, keep crawling and shoot the guard below. Go through the door with the red light above it, open the door on the left, lean in and kill the three enemies inside, be careful as one often runs out when the first is shot.

Go back out and down the steps on the left, kill the guard in the small room on the right and go into the warehouse. Through the first door open the door in front, from the left side lean out and kill the guard. Turn around and go along the corridor, clear both rooms on the right, at the end open the door, lean out and look left for a guard.

At the far end of the passage open the door from the right, lean in and shoot two enemies on the right, a third is in the end bay (+TNT red marker), restock with ammo. Open the large metal doors, lean out and shoot two guards on the left. Open the next set of doors.

Shoot the man leaning in the doorway to the right, shoot a second as he runs from that room. Open the left hand of the large blue doors from the right side, shoot the guard outside then another to his right (They both have Gewehr 43's). Crawl right along the wall to the fuel store, set TNT and go back.

The bunker is now empty so you can run, set TNT by the barrels to the right and the last one by the ammo crates, run back out the way you came, through the hole in the wire and back to the squad.

Meet the resistance fighters to end the mission
-What hurts more than a frontal assault on the enemy's base is poor planning-

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