Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom Review

The Hidden & Dangerous expansion pack was released in late 1999 with not one name but two. The european version is called Fight For Freedom and the american version is named Devil's Bridge. Have no idea why the americans published it with a different name but it was.

The game engine remains unchanged but much has been done with the game in this expansion pack. Nine new missions which take you through Poland, France and Greece. Once you start up the game and start playing you will notice that you have a totally new team of soldiers to choose from. You also have new weapons to take with you on your missions but sadly a few original weapons were taken out.

When you start your first mission you'll notice the size and detail of the levels has change greatly. You'll also notice the first-person weapon models have changed from down-barrel 2D views to off-side 3D views. Through-out the game you will notice new vichles including a panther tank and a radio jeep. All new characters in the game include American soldiers, New German soldiers and even terrorists.

Overall the expansion pack for Hidden & Dangerous is well worth getting for any fan of the game. It offers so much more to already a great game. The new missions, soldiers, weapons and vechiles will keep you playing this game for years to come just like the original game.