How does H&D Deluxe stand up to the test of time?

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How does H&D Deluxe stand up to the test of time?

Unread post by noxnoctum » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:29 am

After finishing my run through of H&D2 and SS I'm thinking of going back through H&D Deluxe again. Haven't played it in years but remember the missions being absolutely awesome... how does it compare to H&D2? Is the AI decent? I really can't remember. H&D2 AI, patched at least, is pretty alright imo, once you figure out how best to control them, though they do occasionally get stuck on something...

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Re: How does H&D Deluxe stand up to the test of time?

Unread post by Jason » Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:00 am

Well H&D Deluxe has a huge upgrade over the squad AI path finding of the original H&D game. They don't get stuck as easily and don't freak out trying to go over the same spot multiple times. The missions of the original H&D game IMO are way, way better than H&D2 (although H&D2 has some great maps). There is just something they have that many of the H&D2 maps just don't have. The enemy AI is not as good as H&D2 but that's to be expect of an old game. Going in stealthy is not as good as H&D2. It also depends on how you play the game as to how you may like it. If you like stealth then H&D 1 just doesn't have what's needed. If you like action, both games are great. Tactics work in both games.

It's still a great game to play IMO
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