Editing weapon's sound range question

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Editing weapon's sound range question

Unread post by p.jakub88 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:25 pm

Hello everyone,

as You know i made a new custom weapon for H&D Deluxe - Sten MkIIS with silencer.

My idea is to implement this new weapon into H&D and make it more silent than other shooting weapons, so the enemy will not hear the shot above a certain distance. I know already how to edit the sound range for all weapons in the game_cfg.tab table using HD Editor. However, this is not the result that i want to achieve.

I tried to manually edit the sound connected to the weapon model in the scene using HD Editor (decreasing the sound range), but it always reverted back to the default settings. Even when the weapon had no sound attached to it in the inventory table - the enemy somehow managed to hear the shot.

There is only one weapon in the default H&D Deluxe which is actually "silent" - Fairbain and Sykes knife. I tried to edit its properties to be like a shooting weapon (i replaced the model, animation, etc), but still i was not able to force it to shoot bullets or use a magazine.

I am afraid, that this is hardcoded.

Is there any other method available to decrease the sound range of the particular weapon?

EDIT: I contacted via e-mail the 2K company (former Illusion Softworks), but they replied that their company don't provide support for creating mods and give any technical info about it. However they wished me good luck.
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