HD2 modded co-op mission

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HD2 modded co-op mission

Unread post by Stern » Fri May 20, 2022 10:53 am

Some time ago i released modded co-op mission Semper Fidelis (based on czech 4)

https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj4b71jV4JhLgy5zHpX ... X?e=nIA5dv

It was already posted on RPR-forum and Discord ? and PornHub

Mission Objectives:
1: Assemble at the planned location. (First spawn/start area)
2: Destroy the ammunitions store.
3: Destroy all enemy tanks.
4: Cause as much damage as possible to enemy vehicles.
*5: Kill the enemy. (Optional)

This mission divides into smaller sub-missions in some areas, covered with enemy tank.
Playing it alone takes time just because sometimes there is a need to distract tank to look in some certain direction to attempt the attack.

Mostly its not possible to attack enemy tanks quickly ,
they are surrounded by guards.
Player must eliminate tank guards in all possible directions before any attempt to approach.
*2 grenades dropped very close to Panther tank back will blow it up.
*PAK cannon is useful to destroy tank, but it can be tricky.

Equipment for completing the mission is mostly found in enemy inventory , so search enemy body to find useful items.

Also some equipment boxes can be found all over the area.
Player can take only one item from box !
Take it only if you need it !

Equipment found in enemy inventory and boxes are set randomly !!!
It means this mission is different each time you play it.

*Fun fact:
Sometimes a plane will fly over the village from north to south, on the east side.

One difficult achievement:
(Finish all objectives with dynamite)
- If the box is the last box to destroy with dynamite.
- if the tank close to box (tank will blow up with dynamite) is the last enemy tank.
- if this tank is the last enemy vehicle.
- if the enemy inside this tank is the last enemy.

Video with poor tactics (not the latest version of this mission, one Puma tank with flak cannon was added for player to use it)
https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj4b71jV4JhLgzbL2IV ... e?e=GnmG68

I try to make new video.
Click Here !

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