Libya1(Prison Break)

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Libya1(Prison Break)

Unread post by Stern » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:19 am

I seem to forget this forum... no_02 angry01

Here is a modded Libya1 coop mission.!Aj4b71jV4JhLgwFD8eM-gTp-WGYx

Objectives are selected randomly.
Random spawn of most enemy + reinforcement.
Most enemy have movements and animations (looks more realistic).
Enemy have some equipment selected randomly (nades, ammo, some enemy have key to get access to locked rooms).
Some equipment depends on active objectives (sticky bomb, if armored vehicles needs to be destroyed...).

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Re: Libya1(Prison Break)

Unread post by Stern » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:06 pm

I guess its the final version now (Link is the same).

Had to change reinforcement to be triggered by Player entering the zone.
First it was just random but if the mission was running in server long time, the reinforcement might be already close to spawn zone.

Also changed some ammo boxes to make it little more complicated.
The box containing dynamites were close to ammo crates to be destroyed, its too easy this way.

Player cannot really learn this mission, its enough different every time and wont get boring, if played as a stealth mission.
In Rambo style playing the randomness wont be noticeable anyway, except Objectives.

The Random-Objectives system looses the effort in the Libya1 map, because its so small and most of the times the objectives have to be completed anyway, even if they are not active.

But this kind of randomness should be a mainstream for future maps, someone could say "why"
If player plays all missions every day, in public servers, it will get boring very soon, its the way to make mission playable for longer period.

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