H&D 2 Unpacker Links

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H&D 2 Unpacker Links

Unread post by Jason » Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:14 am

Jovan's DTAUnpacker 1.0

Download here.
DTAUnpacker 1.0

Use this program to extract the .DTA files from Hidden & Dangerous 2 and Mafia. Place
DTAUnpacker.exe and tmp.dll in your Hidden & Dangerous 2, or Mafia directory.

You need to run the program from the command-line, and provide it with 3 arguments:
>DTAUnpacker.exe [DTA file] [key1] [key2]


>DTAunpacker.exe Sounds.dta 0x8D2965CA 0x4FE85106

You can obtain the list of keys for specific files by simply running the program without
the 3 arguments. Note that the keys are hardcoded so they cannot be changed.

The program only works with .DTA version ISD0. H&D2:SS uses ISD1, which is a different
file format. Not all files are supported at the moment, but they will be in the future.

Special Thanks To:
MassaSnygga, "Accessing Mafias DTA files", http://www.kamalook.de/Mafia/DTA.html

Please distribute the source code with the program.
Let me know if you have any problems.
Bolek & Dexio's Hidden & Dangerous 2 Unpacker v1.4

Download here.
Hidden & Dangerous 2 Unpacker v1.4

Coded by Bolek & Dexio.
e-mail: bolek_hidden@wp.pl

How use this program ? :D

1. Copy hd2extractor.exe and tmp.dll to the H&D2 root directory.
3. Prepare some free memory space on disc ;)
2. Run hd2extractor.exe.
3. Choice with dta file unpack then press enter key.
4. Wait ... :D
5. Look for new directories in Hidden root directory ;)

- This unpacker was tested on Sabre Squadron wersion of Hidden but should work with older versions.
- Maps.dta dosn't unpack to the end :D it's to many files i think ;) In future i will try fix it.

Please email to me and write what you think about this :D

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Re: H&D 2 Unpacker Links

Unread post by -ViTaMiHnM203- » Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:08 am

Was 1.4 still not able to unpack PatchX01?
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