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Unread post by Stern » Sun May 31, 2020 7:51 am

https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj4b71jV4JhLgxjrfwC ... w?e=oNpAdS

TACO is a program to make HD2 modifications much easyer.

User can generate Enemy Objects/Definitions selecting Name (Name+number, if many is needed).
Sight Range/Hearing Range are not so useful because mostly both of them are set by script anyway...
It can generate script links.
Player/Camera section works if the game is started and player is in mission:
Then it displays player in-game XYZ coordinates.
I had problem with reading out players look direction from memory :(

User can generate Enemy Objects from player in-game X,Y,Z (stand in the place where you want enemy to be and press HotKey to save)
Player/Camera section also has free camera movement function and teleport function.
User can save position and teleport to saved position (very useful for modding to go numerous placed very fast)
Free camera movement allows to move in-game camera freely.
Its possible to teleport to camera position
(example might be to place enemy on the high hill where player cannot go, then user can "fly" on the hill and by teleporting, gets accurate X,Y,Z for enemy placement).
(Teleport/Camera movement functions are password protected, not for public use !)

Actors.bin section is for importing Objects/Definitions to Actors.bin.
It also can be used just to correct byte counts (File size/Object section size/ Definition section size)
It makes backup of loaded Actors.bin every time (The highest number is the last one saved)
(Dont use this Backup folder for other files !)

Memo is just to memorize something, it has automatic save/load.

I might add some more features later (equipment might be useful) but HD2Scripter can do that.
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***Added some functions:
User can now change output dir, generate empty script files (from AI name) and voice type is now selectable.
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Unread post by Stern » Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:09 am

Few things have changed and added some features.

Game can be started from menu.
Visual style selection.

It can read cursor pointing direction angle and up/down angle from game memory.
This made possible to add full automatic spectator mode.
(Camera: Roll / Pitch / Yaw controlled with mouse)
Camera position save/load function.
All camera functions have key shortcuts.

It can have some small issues in Linux, but mostly its usable.

Small introduction and more discussions here:
https://www.rprclan.com/forum/22-genera ... ay?start=0
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