Talk about modding Hidden & Dangerous 2 in here.
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Unread post by Stern » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:15 pm

Normandy4 moddification for co-op.!Aj4b71jV4JhLgxk3Cmt ... Q?e=V7jjPn

Its a straight forward mission.
This mission is hard to complete, enemy has tactical positions to cover most areas.
And they are hidden and dangerous !
Enemy spawn and equipment and weapons have random chance.
There is no other mission with random weapons...
Do not rush, go step by step and only carry item that you need because items are limited.
Some random ammo boxes contain useful items, take only what you need !
Use PAK cannon to destroy tank.

This mission also means that im leaving the scene of modifications of HD2.
Ideas has been realized and scenes are re-used and exhausted and saturated.
Yes, this game is like a drug, hard to live without it. :cool:
This is why old players return to this game after many years.
I like that some of the long time modders are still around.
The ones that made changes in missions with very little to start with. thup01
And best thing is that there's still some online servers, I visit them sometimes... :lol:
Im a electrical engineer and building real life stuff and that is even more exiting than build something for fictional games :cool:
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Re: Normandy4-Calais

Unread post by mr.47 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:44 pm

Well I'm impressed with that speech I'm electronics engineer as well and I'm c# programer and developer but the odds are against me
Well do I have what it takes well only time can tell
I only have patient right now but later you will see stuff and I call it the showtime.

God gave us fire and we came up with the idea of blowing up stuff : H&D 3

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Re: Normandy4-Calais

Unread post by Stern » Sat Nov 14, 2020 4:04 pm

After some testing (I forgot to test mission in Dedicated server), there was a problem with weapons not loading for clients.
So I removed random weapons, re-worked enemy scripts, used cp-s to make enemy able to move.
All other random stuff still exists.
Now its possible that enemy might follow player after alarmed.
Also enemy is given random place to spawn (with script command) so you wont see same mission again, its different every time.
There is one locked door, you need to guess the password to open it :) (next time its different)
Link is the same!

This mission is built mostly with this program:
Used for Enemy positions/script links/script files/import/
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