[Solved] 3dsMax plugin breaking UVs

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[Solved] 3dsMax plugin breaking UVs

Unread post by OriginalDan » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:36 pm

Hey dunno how active this place is these days let alone for modding but through testing (via putting Hitlers head on a rifle because why not) i found that even with a clean unwrapped model imported into a .4ds scene in 3dsMax everything is looking good, in game however the UV maps are insanely broken
Thought it was the game for awhile until i opened up that exported .4ds and found the UVs broken to hell and back, for reference non broken before export

Stranger still it's only additional geo UVs that are borked the default BAR for example it's UVs are fine.
So the script may not be the culprit but how the game is handling it?
The game itself is picking up the new texture just not the UV and some how destroys them but nothing else.
I'll try up scaling up the BAR texture and fitting the new objects UV and texture into the blank space and report back.

Edit1: with the same object file my friend noted the UVs where broken Exactly the same as mine where, something is afoot to which i don't have the expertise to solve :(

Edit2: Attempted to scale up the resolution of the BAR texture, shrink the head UV and texture to fit in the BAR texture and unfortunately no dice UVs still messed up.

Edit3: SOLLLLLVED! so originally i was using the 'LS3D plugin by hdmaster' for 3dsmax 2014 friend of mine tried another import/export specifically the '4DS Tools 2.1' also by hdmaster (thank you for these tools!) that doesn't bork up the UVs on export.
Also note with that tool the .exe auto install didn't work for me as i have 3dsmax installed on another drive, so just install it to a new folder then copy the 'Scripts' and 'stdplugs' folder to the directory of your 3dsmax installation.

Right now I'll be testing replacing the SAS jeep with an entirely new model and texture. In the coming days I'll be writing up a full guide from scratch with how to mod HD2 mostly for my own reference as i am a forgetful bastard.
Once that's done ill make a new post for the guide and relink it here.

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Re: [Solved] 3dsMax plugin breaking UVs

Unread post by Jason » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:09 am

Thank you very much for following up your topic with the solution. I moved the topic to the H&D2 modding section.
Looking forward to the guide thup01

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Re: [Solved] 3dsMax plugin breaking UVs

Unread post by WinteR5 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:57 pm

Tried to use 4DS Tools 2.1 with 3ds max 2016 to import and export existing model and unfortunately Material ID's are broken in exported models :(

Exported model doesn't keep same ID. For example if M1 Garand has 4 ID and after exporting it changing their arrangement on mesh or setting ID like 65550 on faces.


I have working (kinda) mesh material ID an it UVs. I'm currently testing Sten model. Reworked ironsights (more polys, more rounded shape etc) just to test it out and it working. Unfortunately I can't get magazine working :/


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