Sniper Elite V2

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Re: Sniper Elite V2

Unread post by Jason » Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:12 pm

I bought Sniper 3 but yet to play through it, Sniper V2 is still definitely worth buying and playing Co-op with a friend (or alone).

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Capt. Stirling
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Re: Sniper Elite V2

Unread post by Capt. Stirling » Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:10 pm

I honestly found the experience the closest thing to H&D yet as there's a lot of replay value and open world aspects to the map. Also, the emphasis on the Allied North African effort was welcome with Italian and German soldiers about. I loved how they were segregated to the benefit of the Afrika Korps in terms of duties and stations. The Halfaya Pass mission is probably my favorite and has such an immersion factor. I always play with the SMLE in order to keep things relatively accurate to time and theater. The SMLE also happens to be my favorite weapon. Sentry removal and distraction is quite intense and lends itself to creativity. I very much like how the stealth focus can accommodate a louder approach if you're talking about sniping. You better have your attack planned well if you wish to assault with smg's and grenades.

All told the lavish landscapes and soundscapes make this a fantastic experience. It also takes away from the slightly generic story line and dryness of the character. I actually prefer the voice actor of the original game in 2005. There were times where I wish I had a squad to pick from and possessed the ability to arrange them in positions for an ambush or assault etc in H&D style. But so is the way of things.

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