Squad Tactics

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Squad Tactics

Unread post by shrekdj » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:54 pm

Firstly, I am new at the H&D Deluxe.. and even after a few days I'll be new to H&D2!
Well, now my question is, (Those) - might sound stupid or whatever you want to call it so request a start up guide becoz with getting used to GRAW and SWAT mechanism of squad tactics, H&D is a little odd - controls wise!!

Well, it took some time but realizes some mistakes as to why my squads just didn't follow damn commands which ought to result coz of hearing problems. Now, thats cool and realistic which definitely now made some control mechanism easy for me.

1. Staying close to them within hearing distance made them Follow, Stop Fire, Stop easily.

The problem is when I Order - "Move"
LOL they simply run to their own likes and comforts without looking around cautiously and get shot so easily.
All right by Map it is easy to make them Move in fixed areas but how do I make them more alert/cautious so that they scout the areas and move accordingly eliminating enemy threats for me when they reach the destination.

2.How should I order some complex commands namely, Use inventory from dead soldiers, plant explosives, open doors and IMPORTANTLY to position them East, West, North West, etc according to where I want them to shoot/recon???
Seriously, I am having trouble with them follow these commands and definitely you guys are Pro nods01 so please just need a quick tip, as other than that I have completed game in Lone Wolf but want to enjoy the squad tactics as well.
Thank you.
Looking for some help! :grin:

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Re: Squad Tactics

Unread post by Duke0196 » Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:36 pm

You might try scanning the other H&D Classic forums. H&DD was a free release to help promote H&D2. Other than a few differences, it is basically H&D and the FFF/DB expansion.
shrekdj wrote:1. Staying close to them within hearing distance made them Follow, Stop Fire, Stop easily.
You'll also need to keep this in mind when you switch to H&D2.

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