Multiple Savegames

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Multiple Savegames

Unread post by Artie » Sun May 28, 2017 3:49 pm

Hello everybody,

after a long time i wanted to play HD2 SS again. So i installed the game as good as i could on Win 8.1 and started playing. Beside the fact that it shows version 1.1.0 although i ran the patch 1.12.2, i have another problem.

I am sure that i was able to save more than one "savepoint" during the game. I remember a list of at least 10 (?) slots for saving the game and the ability of loading the one i wanted.

I read that it could have to do with the difficulty level, so i created a new profile with the easiest level, but that didn't help.

Could reinstalling the game help ? When i (re) buy all three parts of the game from, do they have working installation routines ? Because when i install from my DVDs (Green Pepper for HD2 and original for HD2 SS) i have to manually fix some things.

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