Op. Liberator - Mole in the Hole optional objetctive

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Re: Op. Liberator - Mole in the Hole optional objetctive

Unread post by shrekdj » Sat May 12, 2012 6:57 am

KyleM wrote:....his dialogue shouldn't trigger, and you will get that optional objective. I've done this over a dozen times on the "war is hell" setting.
Eventually this is wrong even if it does register since this just shows a quick exploit but in real sense I would definitely reach to the injured crew but as far as I know (may be I am wrong) it doesn't register "All crew members" survived rather "almost entire crew" which means with few injured/dead crew members!

Let me also share another MAJOR glitch in the mission "Estate Agent".
This glitch only occurs in CARNAGE MODE of "Estate Agent" Mission where after clearing entire enemies I still get the Carnage countdown stuck with 1 enemy on the list. After trying numerous attempts I realized that the 1 remaining enemy, is in fact, the major/general whtever you name that enters from the door (Right at the start when you leave the first room, door is located near the officer whom you need have hand the documents. If you try to open the door Alarm sounds!)

Once the officer leaves, immediately THIS Major enters from that door, leaves the room and enters the door across the Officer's room. If you fail to nail him down here, he NEVER re-appears on the Map and I was stuck with this 1 enemy entirely throughout the Carnage Mode.

Perhaps there are many more glitches in Carnage mode in several other missions which are very difficult to even predict in close observation.

(You can check the video on my channel at youtube to check this glitch, just in case)
(Also want to know any one playing this mission on Carnage and able to kill that General in the Officer's Room anywhere else in the map. I mean letting the General leave officer's room and later succeeded to nail him down any where else since I can't find him on the map, if he leaves the room!..please do let me know!)

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Re: Op. Liberator - Mole in the Hole optional objetctive

Unread post by Duke0196 » Mon May 21, 2012 9:22 am

ljmabr wrote:People.

I do find the MP44 in the box next to the tunnel´s entry and carry with me. Using it or not, I just can't get the optional objective in finding it registered at the end of the mission. Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance.
ljmabr ... did you ever find the optional objective MP44 in SP?

The MP44 is in a box in the mass of railcar wreckage. Its been a while but I think there was also an ammo box nearby. thup01

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Re: Op. Liberator - Mole in the Hole optional objetctive

Unread post by -ViTaMiHnM203- » Tue May 22, 2012 12:26 pm

Yes, there are two crates with the MP44; it is the one outside the tunnel hidden from sight that triggers the objective, as Duke brings up. Maybe you are grabbing the wrong one?
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Re: Op. Liberator - Mole in the Hole optional objetctive

Unread post by Myron » Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:51 am

All I know is that aquiring the MP44 from the crate gets written down in the SAS Diary after the mission is over.

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