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Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:26 am
by kaplan71
Hi there --

I am not getting anywhere with the Spaghetti Airport scenario. I constantly get shot up completely by the planes, and the arriving tank. Can anyone provide me with insight as to how to successfully complete this level? Thanks.

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:04 am
by Jason
Yeah this one is tricky until you play it a few times but after a while you get the hang of it. When playing in I think it was Hard difficultly (only 3 saves allowed), I took the stealth approach. Make sure you have plenty of rifles, sniper rifles will be better of course but the German k98 works a treat. What I did was left the jeep behind and slowly made my way right, jumping from trench to trench. You need to stay as far right as you can so that your attacking from the end of the run way. On the other side of the run way there are bunkers, that are behind the big tents. Snipe as many people along the way, you will surely hit one of the pilots. I think he is leaning against the wall of the main building? but don't remember exactly. Try this basic approach and see if it helps. Driving straight in the on the jeep rarely works for the hard difficulties. Good luck soldier thup01

BTW: there are other posts under this topic covering the same mission, it's a common one people have trouble with.

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:37 pm
by kaplan71
Hi there --

I was able to complete the mission using stealth until I got to the hangar proper. After that, I simply had everyone lay low on the roof of the main building, and pick off the charging enemy soldiers. One of my men got a panzerfaust, and knocked out the tank from the rear.

I am now ready to move on to the next mission, but I wanted to get an opinion as to which vehicle would be the best to take with me. I am leaning towards the flak truck because, in theory, it has the capability of knocking out an enemy tank as well as any attacking airplane.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:59 pm
by Jason
Definitely take the flak truck thup01 it's the best choice for the next mission

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:49 pm
by geosouv
This is one of the most difficult missions (perhaps the most difficult) my friend. The main problem is the bloody tank. First of all put all of your men in the jeep and then go on the right side of the runway and slowly drive until your jeep gunner has a clear shot at the enemies. Make sure you kill those who are in the trenches - craters, first so they don't kill you from behind. Don't forget to order your soldiers to "fire at will". You may have to repeat this a few times because sometimes if you get too close with the jeep the enemy can shoot you accurately. The trick is not to get too close AND keep moving the jeep in slow speed, so your gunner can keep aiming. If you kill all soldiers around the buildings, then we start the second part. You must get closer with the jeep so you can see the back of the desert where the tank is coming from. There are a few soldiers accompanying the tank and your gunner should have no trouble taking them out with the jeep's machine gun. Note, that after a while there will come a small motor bike with one or two Germans in it. But this one poses no threat as your gunner will take it out with ease. After the motor bike the tank will start coming. Order your soldiers to hold their fire and try to get behind the last tend at the right of the map. Hide well behind that tend, and then the tank will most likely take a position which will pose no big threat. After that, take one of your men and go behind the buildings and into the main building where you will find the enemy officer, who will tell you that Hans Schumann has left the airport and you should look for his flight's documents. They should be on one of the tables on the room just across the door where you found the officer. You may kill the officer if you like once you get the information you want. You won't be penalized for that. If the documents are not in the nearby room they will be in one of the tends your men are located. On the table that sees the window on the room with the officer you will find a key. Take it. This will open the door at the end of the corridor behind you. In there, you will find many bazookas. Take one or two and head for the tank. I think you have to destroy the tank by hitting it's turret from behind. If that doesn't work try hitting it from the side on the turret. After you destroy the tank, you have to destroy the remaining planes and fuel tanks. That's easy, just use the big truck with the flak gun on top of it to shoot the planes and the fuel tanks. You also have to destroy two last planes that will be in one of the buildings at the right of the main building where you found the officer and the bazooka. To do that you must go to the warehouse where you found the bazooka. There you will find a few timed explosives for the planes in the hangar. Take one or two and go set them up on the plane. There will be a red marked area on the side of the plane. After that you must put all of your men in the flak truck and the mission ends. I think that's it. I hope I helped you. have fun and if you need something write to us again. ;)

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:19 am
by shrekdj
Hi :grin:

I would love to share a little strategy for the same.
Difficulty - Hard

Firstly, my pair of heroes include - All SSgts' - Czakowski, Hendry, Broadhurst (Exceptional Sniper) and Foreman.

Next, pick the men and deploy to the far end on the east and position them in line formation across the plane next to the hangars.
Now, take the jeep and destroy the plane closest to the hangar (also, keep those men under "Fire at will" ). By destroying the plane you have added extra time for the tank to appear :grin: . Be fast and while other 3 are busy killing the enemies, you must reach to the back of the airport building (office where the flak truck is located) and immediately slow down. Make Sure Broadhurst snipes the enemy west to the building or else you do before reaching the office from the distance OTHERWISE you'll loose some precious surrender monkeys who'll come down to hunt you and killing them will make future missions tough.
Now, slowly reach to the doorway and wait on the left (where the steps begin to the roof). Pause for a moment and look out for no enemy following, in case, Shoot them.
Open the Tac map, this is important, move the other 3 men to the far end from the eyes of the tank when they appear. Once they are safe and clear from the airport
Next, make some noise by leaning to the right or increasing speed so that the enemy (surrender monkey 1) located inside the supply house appears. Shoot to either side (preferrably with MP40 and near boots or the legs with ONE SHOT at a time OR use a pistol but they never surrender or take a lot of time using pistols) immediately to surprise him and he'll wait there till eternity.
Now, there may be another officer who will come from the door across. If he does show up, do the same trick. Shoot but don't kill him with proper leaning back and forth.
Now, if you have done perfectly without killing them but scared the shit out enough for them to surrender. You now have 2 surrender monkeys :grin:
Immediately capture any one and change the disguise and SAVE!

You now have the time to proceed the mission as per your liking. I usually aim to destroy tank and than do the clean up job with the 2 surrender monkeys. :grin:
There are 4 - 5 surrender monkeys in this mission
1. The officer inside where the documents are located.
2. Inside the Supply House
3. Near to the supply house outside, the officer with the cap
4. Randomly 1-2 pilots which happens depending on how tensed the firefights turn and how fast you kill the enemies on the airport.
5. Near the sandbags closest to the building. He is a tough nut to crack. Best way is to clear the map leaving him last. After some leaning and running he surrenders.

Done thup01

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:34 am
by Fronkey
I'm surprised by the strategies mentioned here, I've never had real difficulties with this mission. I never went to the right of the map, just took a sniper and bazooka to start with and lay down on one of the dunes. Snipe anything in sight, wait for the tank to get near you and hit it with the bazooka.

There you go, now you should be able to just approach the buildings from the left and mow down all remaining soldiers with an mp40 you can pick up from one of the corpses. Remember to always keep your sniper with you, just in case.

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:21 pm
by jacobston
What I did in hard difficulty, was I sent three men and the Jeep to the trench on the northeast side of the Runway, undetected. I also sneaked a person with a sniper rifle onto the rocks to the west of the airport building. I then sent one of my men to mine the road where the Tank comes in (I had to watch a few times to see where he drives in). Then I make the Jeep go down the runway and destroy the aircraft, before heading back to the trench farthest to the east, and aiming the Jeep toward the airport to fire at will, with the driver to provide extra cover for the gunner. After that i used the sniper to take out the enemies on top of and around the airport building. After the reinforcements had come and gone, I sent my mine-layer in to the main building to hopefully capture the German in the weapons locker and find the Information on Schumann's flight. I also try to capture the Italians in the trenches and the pilots with machine guns in the Hangars. After I had eliminated all of the resistance, and found four Uniforms, I was not too happy to find that the documents were not there. angry01

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:44 pm
by KyleM

it doesn't matter what tactics/strategies you implement in this mission on the hard/very hard difficultly settings, the problem resides with the games' script called 'AF1_documents_assigner.scr'.

in either of these difficultly settings the script uses a random integer to place the documents in 1 of 3 possible locations.
the first location is in a cupboard next to girl picture on the wall in the hangar which is unobtainable.
the second location is on a table in one of the tents which is obtainable,
and the third location is in a cupboard next to a bed in the main building which is unobtainable.
so, as you can see, you have a 33% chance of obtaining the documents in either of these difficultly settings :(

I fixed the script so that the documents shows up every time in either of these 3 possible locations:
on the table in the tent, on the table in the main building, or on the bench in the hangar.

here is a link to the script I fixed

if you haven't ever modded H&D2 before,

1. go to your installed Illusion Softworks\Hidden & Dangerous 2\ directory,
and create a sub folder named 'scripts' without the quotes.

2. then go to your newly created scripts folder,
and create a sub folder in it named 'africa1' without the quotes.

3. place the script into the installed Illusion Softworks\Hidden & Dangerous 2\scripts\africa1\ folder

4. have fun!!!!

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:48 pm
by jacobston
That's great, thanks!

I completed the mission by using the tactical view to check inside the tent to find the documents, but that will make it easier.

Re: Problem with Spaghetti Airport

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:59 am
by Myron
If you can't kill the pilot, then shoot his plane while it's still parked.