In Very Hard - War Is Hell difficulty enemies never surrender?

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In Very Hard - War Is Hell difficulty enemies never surrender?

Unread post by Hanzu » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:31 am

I have been playing Hidden & Dangerous 2 single player campaign with very hard - war is hell difficulty. I have come into a conclusion in this difficulty it is impossible to complete  Campaign Alps: Operation Challenger: Babes in the Wood mission. This is the mission where your objective is to get uniform from the truck driver or from someone else who is willing to surrender and drive away with this uniform and the drivers papers.

I have tried... shoot one clip over the drivers head with BAR when he is walking to the truck enter house, kill enemy talking to the driver and then shoot one clip over the drivers head shoot weapons especially pistols out of some enemies hands wound enemies in their feet wound enemies in their arms crawl behind a crouched enemy on the shooting yard and go so close to him I could touch him and then fired a round with M40 over his head, making him just turn and pistol me

I have played this single player campaingn very hard difficulty over 100 hours now and I think if any enemies would surrender I would have seen that happening unintentionally already on some other missions, but I have not seen anyone surrender. As some of you may know this is a difficulty where you can not use savegames during mission, so playing this mission all the way to the end to just see again no one surrendered and mission fails because you have gunned them all down and all enemy uniforms have blood or holes.

Makes me really angry to think gamemakers have made this kind of serious mistake. There is no way this mission can be completed in this difficulty if no enemy ever surrenders.  tongue01

All this trouble on previous missions and now I'm stuck like a duck. Is there anyone here who has completed this mission in very hard difficulty? If so, please let me know how?

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Re: In Very Hard - War Is Hell difficulty enemies never surrender?

Unread post by KyleM » Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:32 pm

I have encountered two occurrences in which enemies surrendered in the "war is hell" difficulty setting. the first one was a guard inside the front building in which another guard comes out to patrol(it's the building to the left of the one with the officer in it) in the "Ammobox - Deadfish" mission.
the second one was in the rubble area on the left side of bridge in the "Husky - Ponte Grande" mission. In both of these occurrences, my character's footsteps weren't silent enough, and the enemy went to investigate. I shot the enemy several times in the hands/arms as he was trying to creep around the corner to my character. the bad news is that the captured enemy's uniform is "grayed" out in the inventory and is unusable  :(

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