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Unread post by Stern » Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:42 am

One command was discovered while i was looking text strings in game exe file:

If you open in-game console and type:
no_gi 0
(Press Enter)
Then all graphic interface is disabled.

no_gi 1
This will reset it.
But you must type it in blindly because console is also visually disabled.
(Open console, type no_gi 1 and press enter)

Disabled interface will consist Console, info at bottom left, bottom right, flags on the left side and info at up right.
Also no white box around usable items (doors / ammo boxes / vehicles)

It creates clear screen to make screenshots or movie...

This is not permanent, it will be reset if game is restarted

Its also possible to change it from memory:
HD2_SabreSquadron.exe+444634 0 (Byte)
HD2_SabreSquadron.exe+444634 1

Co-founder of this command is: Stompinidus
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