Back with H&D2 after 14 years

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Back with H&D2 after 14 years

Unread post by TomStone » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:55 pm

I was never very active on this forum, thus, I don't expect anyone to remember me. That's fine, tho, because I can recall this place and the interesting, helpful posts.

On a whim 2 weeks ago I found myself playing Vietcong and H&D2. Mainly for nostalgia. I'm so glad I did. Such fantastic memories and the game play is just as challenging and fun as I remember it being. I don't even mind the various eccentricities of the engine and ai. I'm taking it all in my stride.

I always loved the tactical angle to H&D. Ive been taking my time with the missions. Making more use of the tactical mode. Trying various approaches as the layout and strategies of each campaign gradually come back to me.

It'd be interesting to hear what other gamers went onto play an enjoy after H&D. I've played around online (Vietcong in online co-op is STILL going, amazingly and still V. good). Tried some MMORPG like TES Online. I think my most vivid memory tho was Battlefield Bad Company on Xbox (Online). And that was also ages ago. What are the other great shooters?

Anyway, glad to see this place still alive. Keep it up. Great tribute to a half-forgotten brilliant game.

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