Started playing it again today...

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Started playing it again today...

Unread post by Jason » Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:58 pm

Well I started playing it again today, the original not H&D Deluxe. It is good to see your soldiers and enemies with different faces. It took a few minutes to get the game to start, I managed to get it to start in XP with Windows 2000 compatibility mode set - nothing else seemed to work. Another issue was that the cutscenes make the game instantly crash, to fix this I went into the H&D FFF settings (setup.exe) and turned off the triple buffering.

Same old bugs... on C1M2 one of my guys ran into the side of the boat and killed himself :roll: C1M1 was pretty much bug free. I tried a new tactic this time, well slightly different. I came out of the sewers with two of my guys near the JU 287 Prototype plane. I normally come out near the guard buildings and the watch tower so I can machine gun all the guys but this time I used my third guy (in nazi uniform) to place anti-personnel mines at the doors :lol: never really used them before to be honest.

After playing two maps I really realised how many differences there are between H&D1 and H&D2. So many small but important things made H&D1 what it is.

Can't wait to play C3M1 and C3M2 :mrgreen: I started a new campaign in hard mode, I forgot how difficult it could be especially when the enemy fires a whole clip of ammo in a second
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Re: Started playing it again today...

Unread post by Trebissky » Fri Aug 29, 2008 1:50 am

As it happens, I just finished Devil's Bridge a few days ago, myself... for the who knows how manyth time?

We must have both started at about the same time, because I only play a few missions at a time any more.  Not because I'm bored with it... never happen... but I've been posting on a couple of political boards lately.

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