Another H&D on XP problem ...............

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Another H&D on XP problem ...............

Unread post by PaddyMcG » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:13 pm

Found this site whilst trying to sort a H&D / XP problem.

Great site btw - wealth of useful info, mods, fixes etc.  :grin:

However, I can't sort my problem and would appreciate some help, please ......................

My system is a HP Compaq USDT, running a P4@3000, 1 Gig memory and now has an old Voodoo 3 2000 16mb PCI graphics card, which I believe is specifically supported by the game(s); originally it was using on-board graphics.
I have a pukka copy of the original H&D game ('Classic' ?), which has on it the v1.2 game, with a v1.3 patch.

I found the game whilst on a rummage for something else, and remembering enjoying it the first time thought I'd load it on, and see if it was still compatible. The game loaded fine, and the patch off the CD also seemed to load.

On firing the game up in 'XP', it was incredibly slow, but gradually got to the start menu, having shown the v1.3 message. The mouse wasn't showing up, but moved selection up and down accordingly. Trying to exit took even longer and wouldn't shut down properly of it's own accord, or was taking so long as to not be viable.
On trying 'Win 98/ME' compatibility mode, the loading was much quicker, still showing v1.3 message but got as far as the H&D logo screen and froze half-way through, with the music still playing. Exiting via ESC was quick and clean.

On reading the various threads re XP problems, I've tried downloading the 1.3 patch off here; I believe that I've over-written it into the correct directories etc but the results are still much the same.

I've also tried downloading the Deluxe version, and that crashes the system totally  :shock:

The graphics drivers seem to work fine on other older games (eg Rogue Spear), and are picked up on the Infinity 1/2 Set-up screens.

Does anybody have any suggestions before I consign the game back to the attic .................. ??

Cheers, Paddy.

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Re: Another H&D on XP problem ...............

Unread post by Daniel » Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:44 pm

Considering your hardware would probably support it, is it worth making a small partition for windows 98 or me and seeing if it works any better on that?

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Re: Another H&D on XP problem ...............

Unread post by Jason » Mon May 02, 2011 9:19 pm

The only thing that worries me is your graphics card being 16mb. You should be able to run the game and you get the same error that I have had in the past. I'll do some testing with H&D1 to see if my installation still works. I know I had to use some older graphics drivers in order to get it to work. But there was something else... I think...
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