Deprecated links...

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Deprecated links...

Unread post by Wesley » Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:42 am

The links page at has a few problems. It's not quite a graveyard yet, but there's quite a few corpses in the room  no_01 which might be put out to pasture like Allied Front or the zul clan. It's a museum.

(Do you think things have gotten bad for the H&D series? At least we still have a site; there's a lot of games which once had huge followings until a server change here and a business closure there forced great software into the pages of history. For instance, a lot of stuff made by Sierra, everything ever made by Interplay...)

Thanks once again to Jason for his uh, ceaseless dedication.  thup01

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Re: Deprecated links...

Unread post by Jason » Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:59 am

Yes, I went through the links a short while back when I started to make the H&D mirrors project. It's sad to see so many websites go down but there are still quite a few good clan websites out there. Clans do not contact me to get their links put up, and since I don't play much online I'm sort of out of that sub-culture. Dedication is one thing, having enough time is another. There is so much to do and so little time.

I do not think the H&D series has come to an end. Myself and others definitely are getting very restless and wanting to create something more if 2k Czech take any more time. There have been some great advances in the modding for H&D2, but as I have read it takes a lot more time than H&D Deluxe (which has its own editor that is easy to use).

The website is now on a new, faster server. My coding framework is done and my coding abilities have advanced greatly. The new system will be focused greatly on community effort, as so it does not rely on my time and effort for things to be managed, as I have done very badly with that to be honest. Lars is the true hero around here thup01 I just pay for things funny02

I do believe that 2k Czech will continue with the H&D series, there is no reason not too. Mafia 2 is in the way though, should be a good game though, as soon as it is out and the media storm cloud settles behind it I am sure we will hear something. Death to Spies, like Deadly Dozen I think has helped with the drought.

Stay strong, there will be more Hidden and Dangerous in some shape or form.
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